What Extra Fees Could A Dumpster Rental Service Charge Me?

Dumpster rental companies have rules to follow when using one of their containers.  In the case of many of these violations, the company will levy a penalty to be paid.  Prices can vary based on different facilities and the regions they operate out of, but you should ALWAYS ask what rules are in place and what fees can be charged for breaking them BEFORE you enter into a rental agreement.  Here are some examples of standard fees a dumpster service may impose.
Hazardous Materials
If you put any type of hazardous materials into a dumpster, you will be charged a fee.  No matter what dumpster company you use, this is the one absolute rule that governs them all.  Hazardous waste, such as oils, paints or car batteries, pose immense safety risks to humans, animals and the environment.  You can check out a more detailed list of prohibited items here.
If you have hazardous items that need to be disposed of, contact your village/town hall or local waste management service and ask if there are any community programs or drop-off sites to handle your materials.  Many times there will be a recycling program geared towards that particular item, such as electronics.  Some waste service companies will pick up the hazardous items from your home or job site.
Dumpster Pro Tip
Debris Specific
Very similar to hazardous waste fees, debris specific fees occur if the dumpster rental company has to dispose of prohibited items.  Things like electronics, appliances, furniture and mattresses have to be processed in very specific ways and then recycled responsibly.  If you leave your dumpster service the task of managing all of this, you will definitely be paying a fee.
The best way to avoid these charges is to ask the customer service department of your local dumpster rental company if a fee might apply to those items.  If there is, call your waste management service and see if they will pick up such things during curbside collection.
You can’t overfill your dumpster.  This includes going above the walls of the container and piling trash next to it that your driver might have to load.  This poses an extreme safety hazard during transport because loose items might fall onto roadways or other vehicles and cause injuries.  If your driver has to load debris into the container, there may also be a driver delay fee included.
There are several ways you can properly load a dumpster to ensure you are utilizing the entire space and saving yourself room.
Weight Limit
If you go above the weight limit listed in your rental agreement or visible on the side of your dumpster, you can be billed an overage fee.  Weight above the specified limit is charged by the ton.  Try and estimate how much debris you will have prior to rental.  If you are on the fence about weight and size, either go with a larger size than what you need or call your dumpster rental company, explain your project and have them guide you to the right size dumpster.
Dumpster Pro Tip 2
If you keep your dumpster beyond your rental period, you will be billed for the additional days of use.  Check with your dumpster provider about the length of your rental period and either extend your period if you need more time or rearrange your project timeline to maximize the use of your rental days.  Remember that dumpster companies do not automatically pick up the container at the end of your rental period.  You will have to call and schedule your dumpster to be picked up.
Trip Charge
If the driver can not pick up the dumpster due to some sort of obstruction, you will be levied a trip charge.  This is also known as a “wasted trip”.  Make sure there is enough room for your dumpster to be delivered and that the area is clear of debris, low hanging tree branches or wires.  Avoid having it placed near corners or tight spaces.
Try to have a space available that is roughly 11 feet wide and 60 feet long to allow drivers enough wiggle room.
Your dumpster rental itself may be a flat-fee pricing but violating any of the above rules can result in additional charges being imposed.  Do yourself a favor and follow the rental agreement rules stringently.  If you have items or a situation you are unsure of, simply ask your Burr Ridge dumpster rental company.  They will be able to help you determine a solution for any of your project needs.

What Is President’s Day?

President’s Day was originally Washington’s birthday.  It’s a federal holiday established by Congress in 1885 to celebrate the birth of our nation’s founding father and first leader.  George Washington was born in Virginia on February 22nd, 1732.  The holiday was originally only celebrated in Washington D.C. but it eventually spread throughout the nation.
How Did It Become President’s Day?
Many years later, the name changed from Washington’s Birthday to President’s Day to honor another great leader of the American people, Abraham Lincoln.  Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, was one of the greatest leaders in Unites States history and was born on February 12th, 1809 in Kentucky.  While the nation celebrated Washington’s Birthday, not every state would celebrate the birth of Lincoln.  For a long while only Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California, Connecticut, Missouri and New York observed his birthday as a stand alone holiday.
While not recognized as a federal holiday, many states have changed the name to honor both men.  Connecticut, Missouri and Illinois still observe Lincoln’s birthday as a separate holiday.
Why Are Many Federal Holidays On A Monday?
In 1971, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which decreed that  federal holidays such as Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Washington’s Birthday would always fall on a Monday.  This was to ensure that laborers had many long weekends to relax and enjoy throughout the year.
Celebrating President’s Day
While still considered to be Washington’s Birthday, many Americans celebrate the day by remembering past presidents or visiting national monuments dedicated to United States history.  Birthplaces of President’s, National Libraries, the White House and Mount Rushmore are key locations visited on days like today.  Many schoolchildren do activities based on Washington and/or Lincoln’s life and presidency such as scavenger hunts, role playing, dressing up like the Presidents or creating crafts to honor them.
In my day, the teachers created a Presidential Rap that we learned and performed while dressed up like our favorite President.
Presidential Day Sales!
One of the most predominant ways we celebrate President’s Day is through retail sales frenzies.  Almost every major retailer or service provider offers great discounts on their wares.  Even online merchants have joined the craze and will offer coupon codes for checkout or slash site wide prices.  This has become one of the biggest perks to having the holiday off – the savings and shopping!
A Three Day Weekend
Even if you don’t celebrate President’s Day, the holiday is a pleasant break from your work week and provides a nice, long weekend.  Being February, you may just choose to stay bundled up in your home and avoid the cold or you may decide to tackle some projects you have been putting off.  Since not every establishment is closed, today is a great day to run errands or grab some storage containers and clean out your closets, attic, basement or garage.  Today is a popular day for junk removal and getting an early start on your spring cleaning.
Happy President’s Day!
No matter how you celebrate the holiday, the Same Day Dumpsters crew wishes you a very Happy President’s Day and a hope you find the day full of relaxation and positive energy.  Of course, if applicable, we hope you find the very best deals to celebrate with!
No matter how big or small your project is you can get your home looking fabulous again by taking things one at a time and being creative with your storage solutions.
For projects where you need to eliminate junk or do a massive clean out, please contact Burr Ridge dumpster rentaltoday!
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How To Start Organizing

The idea of cleaning out your home can seem like an impossible task with no end in sight.  Take a deep breath and remember that a few hours of elbow grease will glean amazing rewards.  You have to start somewhere so here are a few tips on how to kick into clean up overdrive.
Start With One Spot 
No matter how many projects you have or how much of your house needs to be straightened, always start by picking one single space.  It doesn’t matter if it is an area that is most out of control or just a walkway space that needs to be freed up, zero in on one problem area and set yourself to only organize that until it is done.  You should only move on to the next area after you have completely finished organizing this space.
Schedule Time
You have to make the time to organize.  Sure, it would be so much nicer to sit on the couch and binge watch that hot new show on Netflix but the space will continue to be a problem that spirals out of control.  Tackle it now to stop it from getting worse.  Organizing a single space will not happen overnight.  Some projects will require several hours a day for a few days.  Try to schedule smaller projects, such as a closet, during the weekdays and reserve larger projects, such as attic clean outs, for the weekend.
Make the Time
Toss It
Use the two year rule as you go through contents.  If you haven’t used or worn it in two years, toss it.  You can donate or hold a garage sale for items that might still be of use and dispose of everything else.
Take Inventory
Once you’ve gotten rid of the two year rule items, what is left?  Does it belong in the space you found it?  For example, a towel warmer might be of better use in the bathroom instead of on the top shelf in your closet.  If an item might be of better use in another room, move it there.  You will find that you start to use these items more.
Wasted Space
Think of organization like the game of Tetris.  You don’t want to leave blank spaces empty when they could be useful storage nooks.  Try for underneath your bed, above doors or beautiful cloth baskets that can spruce up a sparse shelf.
Utilize Wasted Space
Go Vertical
A great way to make use of wasted space is to go vertical.  Try decorative shelving systems that go up to the ceiling.  This will free up so much room in your space and also add an extra visually appealing element.  Store things you rarely use on the highest shelves.  You can make fantastic use of shelf space by stacking containers, papers or tall piles of clothes.
Color Code
The hardest part about organizing is sticking to the habit so the space doesn’t become unruly again.  Try to color code when sorting for better functionality.  Bills, important papers, art supplies, office supplies, etc. can each receive a different colored bin.  Kids can even organize their toys and clean up after themselves by placing everything inside a specific colored tote or bin that they were assigned.
Visibility, Accessibility and Flexibility
These are the three core rules of organizing.  If you can’t see something, it slips out of your mind and is forgotten.  Curb this by using transparent bins, open totes or using labels.  This not only saves you time but keeps items in use.  If you can’t access something, you are less likely to try and employ it.  You should store items you use most frequently on lower shelves or cabinets.  Try to remember to keep your storage systems flexible.  You want to be able to change configurations or swap systems out to adapt to your needs or evolving storage issues.
No matter how big or small your project is you can get your home looking fabulous again by taking things one at a time and being creative with your storage solutions.
For projects where you need to eliminate junk or do a massive clean out, please contact Burr Ridge dumpster rentaltoday!

Winter Declutter – A Guide To Organizing Your Home

Many people put off cleaning until the spring because the weather is usually too terrible to tackle any major home improvement or clean out projects.  Yet, there are smaller projects that you can tackle in the warm embrace of your home while the bitter winter winds blow foul that can put you ahead in the coming year.  By completing one small task a day, such as cleaning out a junk drawer, and one slightly larger task on weekends, such as clearing your bedroom closet, you can have your entire home organized and looking sharp by the time warm weather hits.  Here are some tasks you can complete with relative ease this winter…
  • Closets – Get rid of any worn or old shoes that you no longer have a use for.  If they are falling apart, toss them, but if they still have a little use, consider donating them.  This goes for old or unused clothes as well.  If they are ripped or stained, throw them out, but if you simply won’t wear them again, donate them.  Make sure everything in your closet is neatly organized: clothes are on hangers or folded nicely, shoes lined up, etc.
  • Functional Storage – Purchase bins or cloth carry-alls that can be stored on shelves or under your bed.  The goal is to neatly store your items without creating an extra eye sore or more clutter in the form of stacked bins with no home.
  • Toys and Books – If there are unused or slightly worn toys and books taking up space, donate them.  You can always choose charities such as AmVets or thrift stores like Salvation Army but you can also take old books to stores like Half Price Books and receive a store credit for your haul.
  • Old or Broken Furniture – Why hang on to broken furniture?  Toss it.  If it’s simply old, you can give it away to families in need or to charities.
  • Freezer and Fridge – Sort through your freezer and refrigerator for expired items or anything you will no longer use.  Throw them away to clear space and remove mold sources.
  • Cabinets and Pantries – Use a particularly nasty weekend to clean out your kitchen cabinets and pantries.  Remove expired items and sort through your spices/ingredients.  If you have any old appliances or 6 items of the same kind, consider donating them to those in need.
  • Junk Drawer – Whether it is in your kitchen, office or bedroom – everyone has a junk drawer or two.  Empty your entire junk drawer and organize it.  Discard items that you have too much of or will never use again.  You can purchase small tray or divider organizers to keep things neat.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Go through your cleaning supplies and straighten them up.  Many times you can dispose of cumbersome bottles by marrying half used bottles.  Be sure it is the same chemical – Pine-Glo with Pine-Glo not Pine-Glo with Spic and Span, etc.
  • Countertops – Clear off your kitchen countertops.  You may be losing valuable space to an item you hardly use, such as a blender.  Consider putting it in a lower cabinet when not in use.
Tips on Cleaning
  • Old Phone Apps – Go through your phone and uninstall old apps that you no longer use.  This will not only help to keep your phone screen less cluttered but will free up valuable memory on your device.
  • Clean Computer – Whether it is a desktop, laptop or tablet, clean out junk applications that you no longer use or that take up too much space.  Organize your files into labeled folders and try to back up important files and media (pictures/video) to an external hard drive.  This will keep them off of your computer and help keep performance optimal.
  • Emails – If you have more than one large email account, you may want to break it up and only organize one a day.  Clear out any junk email or older emails you no longer need.  If it’s a keeper, sort them into labeled folders.  Be sure to clear your spam folder and empty your trash.
  • Helpful Apps – Spend an evening looking through iPhone or Android app stores for something that might help to organize a particular area of your life.  Maybe you need help tracking your fitness goals or spending habits, perhaps an app for recipes or a community to sell your old items – whatever the need there may be an app to help you manage it.
  • Your Car – If it’s not too brisk outside, consider taking a few minutes to clean out your car.  Toss those old receipts, food debris and garbage and organize emergency kits, shoes, clothes, etc. in your trunk or rear compartment.  You can even purchase storage options that are specifically for vehicles.
  • Personal Items – Go through those 25 lip balms and toss out the old ones with smashed balm on the sides.  Will you ever truly use all 25?  Chances are, no, you will not.  Sort through your makeup and dispose of anything old, dried out or broken.  If you have items you will never use, give them to a friend or donate them.
  • Junk Mail – Even though you may do everything by email, the snail mail can still pile up.  Recycle all junk mail.  If there is anything you don’t need to hold on to but that may have sensitive information on, tear, cut or use a paper shredder to eliminate any snoopy noses from digging where they shouldn’t.
  • Wallets and Purses – Take a few minutes to empty out your wallets or purses.  Toss any receipts you don’t need and organize your cards and money.  Make sure everything is secure but easy to access.  If you have a purse and have extra items stored in it, make sure everything is neat and absolutely necessary for you to carry.  If you have loose change, toss it into a piggy bank or your coin purse.
  • Bathroom Toiletries – Organize your shelves, medicine cabinet and under sink storage.  Toss out old items and, if applicable, marry similar items.  You may find items that don’t necessarily need to be stored in a bathroom and can be put in a hallway or bedroom closet.  If there are items you will never use, give them to a friend or donate them.
By taking on a little every day, you can kick clutter to the curb and have your house back in tip top shape.  When the weather begins to lighten, you can focus on landscaping or garage clean out projects and not have to waste the warm weather slaving away inside.  Stay motivated and only take on a few things at a time.  If you can only do one drawer or shelf per day, so be it.  Just make sure to stick with it each day.  Once you start to see things become neater, it will make you feel good and you will start to crave more of it, making it easier to form the habit.
Use the mind map to keep on track for target areas and add other decluttering projects on to your personal winter challenge.  When it is time to tackle those large projects or you need to do a clean out pronto, contact your Lemont dumpster rental service to find the solution you may need.  While cleaning may seem daunting, take a breathe and just take it one drawer at a time.
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Same Day Dumpster Rental Now In Bolingbrook!

Earlier this month, Same Day Dumpsters offered a sixth location in the Chicagoland area.  The idea was to ensure a variety of product and the flexibility to be able to serve the surrounding suburbs with superhero swiftness and efficiency.  The new location would better serve the surrounding cities such as Naperville, Woodridge, Plainfield, Romeoville, Lockport, Lisle, Warrenville, Wheaton, Downer’s Grove, Homer Glen, New Lenox and Orland Park areas.
Along with the LemontMokena and Burr Ridge dumpster rental services, Same Day Dumpsters is able to access the entire western, southern and eastern Chicago suburbs with ease and continue to offer the same amazing customer service and reliable products that you have come to know.
The idea behind having multiple points is to address emergency situations like natural disasters and flooding with almost no wait time or obstacles.  In dire scenarios, a homeowner or remediation team is working against the clock to rectify devastation before it gets worse.  Whether it is to prevent harmful mold and bacteria from spreading or to clear out debris that threatens structure and safety, there are times when a dumpster is needed immediately to remove the dangerous materials.  Having enough product to satisfy all needs and the ability to get to the site quickly are assets that a dumpster rental company absolutely must have in order to address such terrible issues.
While the likelihood of a tornado hitting certain suburbs is rare, the Chicagoland area is ripe for severe thunderstorms, hail, torrential rain that causes flash floods, extreme wind and structural or hazardous material fires.  The thought that a family or work team could be left hanging during any of these issues because a dumpster company might be too far away or not be able to meet demand was absolutely unthinkable.
In order to increase options for homeowners and teams in the suburbs, Same Day Dumpsters even debuted a new product, the 30 yard dumpster rental, which is currently available for all areas.  Also available for rent are the 5 yard dumpster, 10 yard dumpster, 15 yard dumpster and 20 yard dumpster.  The company also provides same day delivery and 10 day rental periods on all dumpster models.
While one hopes an emergency situation never arises, there are certain precautions you can take based on weather patterns in your area.  For extreme thunderstorms and wind, make sure to remove any dead trees or replace any loose siding on your property.  To reduce the risk of fire, have a professional check that your electrical wiring/panels are up to date and remember to never leave things on, such as stoves and dryers, when you aren’t home.  Never leave candles unattended and always empty the lint trap on your dryer in between loads.  For instances of flooding, check your location on the FEMA map to see if you live in a floodplain.  You may not be able to fully prevent an emergency situation from occurring but you can certainly reduce unnecessary risks.
If you would like to rent a dumpster from our Bolingbrook location or need more information about our services, please contact us today!

5 Dumpster Rental Safety Tips

From Our 5 Locations!
Burr Ridge Dumpster Rental –  No Smoking Near Dumpsters!  Dumpsters may contain flammables such as wood and paper.
Lemont Dumpster Rental –   Use Protective Gear – At Least Gloves!  Prevent contamination, cuts and injuries.
Elk Grove Village Dumpster Rental –  Clear The Way!  Clear debris from paths to or around dumpsters to prevent slipping or falling.
Mokena Dumpster Rental –  Working Dumpsters!  Make sure there are no loose hinges, broken sections or rusted parts on the dumpster.
Hickory Hills Dumpster Rental–  Keep Kids Away!  Make sure kids can’t access the dumpster to play in or around.

By following these tips from our Same Day Dumpster Rental location crews, you can ensure a safe and successful rental.  Be sure to inquire about any weight limits or what can NOT be placed into a dumpster with one of our offices or on this site.

In The Streets: A Dumpster Rental in Burr Ridge

Introducing our first ever “In The Streets” segment!
In The Streets focuses on pictures our clients give us of our dumpsters in action on their job site.  Seeing what our clients need a dumpster rental for helps us to fine tune our customer service even further.  Plus, we LOVE to hear how the projects are going so be sure to keep us updated!
This week’s highlight comes from a dumpster rental in Burr Ridge, Illinois courtesy of our client,  Frank Childress.  Frank sent us this photo from a construction job site where he and his coworkers were diligently assembling a new structure that will someday be filled with laughter, love and great memories.
Frank had used our dumpster to store some building material and, later, filled it with debris that our staff hauled away as soon as he gave us a ring.  Glad we could be of service!  Thanks for the photo, Frank!
If you would like to submit a photo for your chance to be featured in “In The Streets” please leave a comment below or use our contact form to reach us.
When you are ready to use a dumpster for your next home project or commercial gig, give Burr Ridge Dumpster Rental a shout!


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